Thursday, January 29, 2009

Season 8, Episode 3: The Almost Perfect Storm

Episode 3: The Almost Perfect Storm

Assistant Coach Damon was frantically driving the critically injured Lewis von Kemia to the emergency room. Along the way, Damon had a confession: The last time Lewis was in a coma, Damon harvested some cells from his lower genital region. Lewis was, in fact, the biological father of nine of Damon’s children.

School football star Todd Schrader was admiring his trophies when Owen Tasker walked by in his hockey gear. Admiring the letter on Todd’s varsity jacket, Owen revealed that he only needed to earn five more letters himself and he could get into any college he wanted. Demanding a letter in football, he warned Todd that when things don’t go Owen’s way, things happen…people get cancer.

Undercover cop Joe Luderman was snooping around the custodian’s closet when Sterling Schremerhorn entered. As they discussed their suspicions that Mr. Cook was stealing from their lockers, Joe jokingly accused Sterling of having a crush on Mr. Cook. She responded that she actually had a crush on Joe.

Miller and Mr. Cook were hanging out by that spinning thing that’s on the roof of every high school. Cook warned Miller that he needed to graduate this year, because next year Miller’s son would be getting out of middle school, and it would be just too weird for them to be in the same school together. Suddenly, Ms. Munsen-Meyer rushed up to warn them that a cyclone was coming.

Lewis von Kemia was recuperating in the hospital when Owen Tasker came in. Lewis only vaguely remembered the accident, but Owen persuaded him that Sterling had run him down deliberately, then showed him pictures of Sterling making out with other guys. As Lewis broke down crying, Owen pressured him to turn over the presidency of the Cancer Society so that Owen could letter in it.

After dodgeball practice, Assistant Coach Damon took Joe Luderman aside, explaining that Lewis was suffering terribly and asking Joe to hook him up with some painkillers. Joe’s sympathy for Lewis overcame his dedication to law enforcement, and he agreed to help. Suddenly, Ms. Munsen-Meyer made a panicked announcement over the intercom about the cyclone.

Ms. Munsen-Meyer and Mr. Cook were in the custodian’s closet, gathering emergency supplies. Cook assured her that the generator would be okay as long as water didn’t seep in and short it out. Just then, water seeped in and shorted it out.

Sterling, Todd and Miller had taken refuge in the basement. As Sterling started freaking out and screaming that they were all going to die, Miller suggested that they engage in some end-of-the-world sex.

Owen was driving the unconscious Lewis back to school through the storm. As Owen pondered how to kill Lewis, he suddenly lost control of the car and crashed. Waking up and smelling the gas leak, Lewis realized he had to save Owen.

As Assistant Coach Damon and Joe Luderman struggled through the storm, Damon complimented Joe on his self-confidence and maturity, remarking that he seemed more like an authority figure than a high-school kid.

Having sandbagged themselves in the basement, Ms. Munsen-Meyer and Mr. Cook proposed some end-of-the-world sex.

Sterling Schremerhorn walked back into the basement and announced that she was ready for that end-of-the-world sex. Miller asked “Wait, didn’t we already do it?” Miller and Todd looked at each other. An awkward pause ensued.

As Lewis carried Owen Tasker through the wind and rain, Owen came to and confessed to causing Lewis’ cancer.

Damon and Joe pleaded with Munsen-Meyer and Cook to let them in. As Munsen-Meyer finally relented, the water started coming into the basement, making it a moot point.

As the storm raged, Lewis scaled the wall of the school building with Owen slung over his shoulder. Lewis told Owen that he was only saving him so that the law could prosecute him.

Miller was clinging to his locker as Assistant Coach Damon floated by, using a desk as a makeshift raft. Miller confessed that, in all the darkness and confusion, he had sex with Todd Schrader. Suddenly, the waters started to subside.

With the danger past, Ms. Munsen-Meyer and Sterling were gossiping in Munsen-Meyer’s office. Sterling revealed that Miller and Todd had had sex. Since Todd was always calling people “fag,” they savored the irony.

A despondent Todd went to see Mr. Cook about this twist of fate, since he’d always assumed that Cook was gay. Cook admitted that he used to be a principal at a different school, but lost his job when he had an affair with a coach.

Lewis von Kemia and Joe Luderman stood on the roof, reflecting on the day’s events. Lewis revealed that Owen had given him cancer. (“I wish I knew somebody in law enforcement, so I could see him get what’s coming to him!”)

Assistant Coach Damon lectured Sterling Schremerhorn for leaving Miller and Todd in the lurch and causing them to have sex with each other. Sterling protested that she was saving her virginity. Damon replied that he could respect that, but not when it hurts a man’s ego.

Todd went to see Ms. Munsen-Meyer about his sexual identity crisis. Since he couldn’t bring himself to talk to her, she had him speak to her hand puppet “Grandma Munsen-Meyer.”

Seeing an opportunity for another letter, Owen Tasker asked Miller about the school sculpture Miller was designing. Miller agreed to use Owen as his apprentice and model.

NEXT WEEK: Lewis confronts Owen.

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