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Season 6, Episode 13: Rockman's Got Nards!

Episode 13: Rockman’s Got Nards!

King Plough summoned Francis of the Rock People to discuss Francis’ recent conversion to anarchy and Plough’s newfound dedication to the common people.

PLOUGH: “Francis, I walked a mile in the shoes of a peasant…which aren’t shoes at all! They’re bare feet!”

Francis didn’t believe that Plough had truly seen the light, and this attitude made them enemies. Plough warned Francis that there’d be trouble if their paths ever crossed again. Fifteen minutes later, their paths crossed again, and they began to battle. Plough accidentally discovered Francis’ one vulnerable spot…his nards.

Baron Üterrüs and Chambliss Tucker were basking in the afterglow, although Chambliss was still sore from the uncomfortable yet satisfying experience.

CHAMBLISS: “You know, your penis is a yardstick.”
ÜTERRÜS: “By which love is measured?”

Chambliss was concerned as to what effect such deep penetration might have on her unborn babies. The Baron revealed that his supernatural seed had broken down the triplets’ cellular structure and combined them into a single, extremely powerful fetus. He warned her to send for a midwife immediately, as the baby was now too developed to remain in her womb for long. Chambliss replied that it felt like the baby had already been pushed out of her womb and up into her throat.

Tarquin the Gangly stood atop Mount Poop, preparing to hurl the Bloodsword into its depths. Angered by the elf’s rejection of its power, the Bloodsword placed a curse upon him. Tarquin attempted to deflect the curse with the mystical chant of “I’m rubber, you’re glue,” but the Bloodsword easily countered his spell. The sword revealed that Tarquin was cursed to be an elf no longer, but a mere human.

Esmerizizelda, the cackling witch of the Herpenghetti, ordered a glass of spider vomit at The Slop Bucket. As Kalgon brought the beverage to her table, she sensed that he was more than a mere server. Kalgon replied that he had taken this job to show that he could go straight, explaining that he had been a master thief. Esmerizizelda offered him a sack of gold if he would steal an artifact from Baron Üterrüs’ shop, Linens Und Thïngs.

Needing assistance in his battle against Francis, King Plough asked Magic Jones for a weapon that could cut through rock. Jones replied that he had foreseen Plough’s need in a prophetic dream, and Plough asked why Jones hadn’t bothered to warn him earlier. Jones consulted the crystal ball in his staff and saw a vision of Francis storming Castle Post with an army of monks. Magic Jones offered to place an enchantment on Plough’s sword so that it would turn stone into pumice. Plough suggested that turning stone into cookie dough would be softer and tastier.

Baron Üterrüs was cleaning up at Linens Und Thïngs when Francis entered and started trashing the place again. The Baron sympathized with Francis’ destructive, rebellious urges, but warned him that he might be bringing a terrible fate upon himself. As they conversed, Kalgon (wearing his enchanted mask) snuck in unnoticed and stole the magical artifact known as the Flowers of Algernon.

At the Slop Bucket, Chambliss told Esmerizizelda about her night of passion with Baron Üterrüs and the effect it had on her baby. The witch was distraught over how this would interfere with her own sinister plans, but didn’t let on to Chambliss. Esmerizizelda checked Chambliss’ throat and saw that the baby was coming soon. As the labor pains intensified, Chambliss staggered behind the bar and coughed up the baby. As Chambliss cradled her newborn son, it said “I love you, mama.” Chambliss noticed that the baby had a cheetah’s tail and elfin markings on its face.

The distraught Tarquin informed Magic Jones that the Bloodsword’s curse was changing him from an elf to a human. Even as he explained, the pointed tips of Tarquin’s ears fell off, proving that the curse was real. Having lived 2,000 years as an elf, Tarquin was terrified of having a human lifespan. Jones was powerless to help him, as the curse could only be reversed by a witch and not a wizard. Tarquin scratched his head, and his long elfin locks fell off.

Kalgon paid a visit to Francis’ cave. Francis revealed that a fierce battle was brewing, and that he did not expect to survive. He believed he would be more powerful as a martyr than he had been as a leader, so he was prepared to die.

KALGON: “I admire your stalwartness.”
FRANCIS: “I accept that as a word.”

King Plough went to Linens Und Thïngs to enlist Baron Üterrüs’ aid in the battle against Francis. Even though Plough knew Üterrüs as a humble interior designer, he could sense that the Baron had the heart of a warrior (not to mention being 7 feet tall). The King presented Üterrüs with a weapon to use in the battle…the onyx sword, sister to Plough’s alabaster sword.

Chambliss cut the umbilical cord of her son, who was now the size of a fully-grown short man. Since he had grown so rapidly, Chambliss thought he was ready to go out on his own. The bitter man-child walked out.

Having missed her opportunity to transplant her soul into a newborn body, Esmerizizelda was drowning her sorrows in the Slop Bucket when Tarquin the Human entered. Esmerizizelda introduced herself as a witch, and he asked for her help. He joined her in a glass of spider vomit, but did a double-take when she told him what he was drinking. Esmerizizelda laughed so hard at his reaction that she fell off the stool.

At high noon, King Plough and Francis faced each other in the street. Plough taunted his opponent by munching on a cookie, warning Francis that he’d “better get used to it.” Baron Üterrüs emerged from the shadows as the battle began. Suddenly, both Plough’s and Üterrüs’ enchanted swords collided as they simultaneously struck Francis. The combination of mystical forces had an unforeseen effect on Francis, who began to grow to 40 times his original size.


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