Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Season 6, Episode 12: Esmerizizelda in Da House

Episode 12: Esmerizizelda in Da House

At Linens Und Thïngs, Chambliss Tucker put the finishing touches on her makeover of Baron Üterrüs, making him marginally more human-looking. To celebrate, the Baron invited her to The Slop Bucket, the finest restaurant in town (actually, the ONLY restaurant in town).

As a result of the rap-off between King Plough and Magic Jones, Plough was now officially the King of Rhyme. Jones and Plough reflected on their relationship: Jones promised to look out for Plough and see that he lives to the ripe old age of 102. Plough informed Jones that he had been attempting to make policy without Jones’ advice, with disastrous results. Plough wanted to show the people that he was one of them (“I bathe in rosewater, just like everyone else!”). Sensing the king’s cluelessness, Jones suggested that Plough actually go out among the common people to learn how they really live.

Kalgon was on the way to his new job at The Slop Bucket when he stopped by Francis’ cave. Francis had abandoned the revolution because he’d decided that NOBODY was any good, and was now dedicated only to anarchy and breaking stuff. Kalgon informed Francis about Plough’s plans to go out in disguise, and Kalgon wanted to show his dad that he could do an honest job. So, Kalgon asked Francis to stop by the Slop Bucket and be a customer so that Kalgon could make a good impression.

Atop the ruins of Skank Mountain, Baron Üterrüs was pontificating about the evils done in the name of love. The Baron decided to rid himself of his love for Chambliss, then transplant the love into another person. Suddenly, Esmerizizelda, the cackling witch of the Herpenghetti, came flying in. The two old villains greeted each other, and Esmerizizelda complimented the Baron on his new look. Üterrüs told her about Chambliss and her far-off home dimension. Esmerizizelda told the Baron that she had foreseen the coming of a baby…and that she planned to leave her shriveled old body and possess the newborn, to live a whole new life.

Magic Jones was having a drink at The Slop Bucket when Kalgon came to his table and sang an interminably long birthday song. Jones praised Kalgon’s skills as an entertainer and suggested that he try a career in show business. However, Kalgon was afraid of success. Suddenly, King Plough entered, disguised as a shepherd. Kalgon offered Plough a seat at Jones’ table, then began massaging the “shepherd’s” feet. Plough was impressed that he, “a simple commoner,” could receive such service. Suddenly, Francis burst in, knocking over chairs and tables. Francis shouted that “This town’s going down…in the bad way.”

Chambliss was sitting in her Lincoln Navigator when Esmerizizelda knocked on the door. Chambliss introduced herself as the queen, and Esmerizizelda bowed before her. Chambliss was surprised, since nobody else in the kingdom showed her such respect.

ESMERIZIZELDA: “Do you know what commands respect more than anything else?”
CHAMBLISS: “Huge breasts?”
ESMERIZIZELDA: “That…and a maidservant!”

Esmerizizelda offered her services as a serving wench and midwife. Chambliss was slightly disturbed by the red sores on Esmerizizelda’s lips, but hired her anyway.

Francis was wrecking stuff at Linens Und Thïngs when the “shepherd” entered. Francis started telling the stranger about everything that was wrong with the town, such as the fact that nobody seemed to notice just how obviously evil Baron Üterrüs is. Francis then started going on about the king’s failings. Francis explained that he didn’t hate King Plough, he was just disappointed that he never used his authority for the good of the people. The “shepherd” was moved to tears, and promised Francis that he would tell the king.

Chambliss Tucker and Baron Üterrüs were having a romantic dinner at The Slop Bucket. As Chambliss told the Baron that she could see the spark of warmth inside him, Kalgon came to the table with an order of baby snow peas, dropping not-so-subtle hints about his own babies inside Chambliss’ womb. Dismissing him, Üterrüs confessed to Chambliss that his “spark of warmth” was alien to his evil nature, and that he needed to get rid of it. He sang a tender love song about his evil deeds and his feelings for her.

Magic Jones was reading a book of spells when Esmerizizelda burst in. Jones was astounded to be reunited with his former fiancée. She confronted him about their past together…Jones was responsible for the infection on her lips, and yet he abandoned her because of it. Jones, in turn, accused her of leaving him for Baron Üterrüs. He explained that he had tried to make peace, sending her letters and gifts. They then realized that he’d been sending all his peace offerings to the wrong address for all those centuries. To make up for everything, Jones agreed to help her with her plan to take one of Chambliss’ babies and live anew in its younger body.

ESMERIZIZELDA: “Help me, and you will have a wife…as an infant child for quite some time.”

After closing time at The Slop Bucket, Kalgon was counting his tips when Francis burst through the wall. Kalgon lectured Francis about his destructive ways. Bummed out, Francis left in shame. Kalgon stayed up all night rebuilding the wall, only for Francis to knock it down again the next morning.

Chambliss Tucker invited Baron Üterrüs up to the Lincoln Navigator. As she went in the back to fetch some schnapps, the Baron started undressing for a night of passion. Chambliss returned, and upon seeing Baron Üterrüs with his pants down, immediately went back for more schnapps.

King Plough returned to the castle and addressed the crowd. He informed them that, now that he had walked among them and saw their lot in life, he was instituting an “open moat” policy, and would now be accessible to anybody who needed his help.


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