Monday, July 14, 2008

Season 3, Episode 8: Meet the New Cecil

Introducing Christian Danley as the post-reconstructive-surgery Cecil!

Episode 8: Meet the New Cecil

Bert arrived at Celeste’s home for their date. As a special treat, Celeste was preparing her own unique lasagna recipe, substituting rice for pasta. They talked a little bit about their lives, and bonded over the discussion of Celeste’s 17 cats and Bert’s 15 siblings.

Dr. Weeds removed Cecil’s bandages and revealed the results of his facial-reconstruction surgery.

Ebenezer staggered down the hall, Dr. Weeds’ knife still sticking in his chest. Vladimir eased his suffering by doing his bear-dance, then took the knife out. There was no wound on Ebenezer’s body. Ebenezer remembered a time many years ago, when he was floating down a tunnel of light lined with dancing bears, then woke up on the 13th floor. Both Vladimir and Ebenezer suddenly realized that Ebenezer was indeed a ghost.

ShiShi was drowning her sorrows with Tillie, who decided to take ShiShi for a drive. Tillie handed ShiShi a gun and told her they were going on a Thelma-and-Louise journey of empowerment.

Bert and Celeste finished dinner, and Celeste prepared to bring out dessert—teramisou made from Twinkies & Nestle Morsels. Bert told her he hadn’t enjoyed himself so much in a long time, then promised her she’d never have to clean toilets again.

Vladimir was perplexed and disturbed by Cecil’s new face. Vladimir told Cecil that Bert was planning to close the hotel. Cecil was upset by this news, not to mention the fact that his father hadn’t even bothered to come to his “unveiling.” Cecil and Vladimir plotted to take over the hotel from Bert.

Ebenezer attempted to leave the hotel, encountering a mysterious gummy resistance the closer he got to the edge of the premises.

ShiShi & Tillie were on the road, getting empowered. They put in a Billy Joel tape and had an “aerodynamic moment” by sticking their hands out the windows and “flying.”

Dr. Weeds was on the 13th floor, when Ebenezer suddenly appeared out of nowhere, surprising them both. Ebenezer explained that he was already dead, so the stabbing didn’t work.

Vladimir chastised Celeste for coming in 25 minutes late, especially since they’ve booked the Tattoo & Piercing convention and the hotel is very busy. Celeste copped an attitude, since Bert promised her she wouldn’t have to work anymore.

ShiShi was startled by Cecil’s new appearance, but thrilled to see him again. They commiserated over Bert’s mistreatment of them both.

ShiShi: “Did you know your daddy’s a rat bastard?”
Cecil: “Since I was born!”

Bert met Dr. Weeds in the garden. Dr. Weeds revealed that he had completed his laser by stealing parts from the one at Stone Mountain. As soon as they close the hotel, they’ll be ready to use it as a headquarters and hold the world for ransom. Their sole remaining obstacle was Cecil’s insistence on keeping the hotel open. Bert met (and shot at) Dr. Weeds’ pet vulture Dennis.

Ebenezer went to Tillie’s room and apologized for not believing her when she told him he was a ghost. Tillie clarified, explaining that Ebenezer was NOT a ghost, but an apparition (“that’s a bigger word”). Ebenezer needed help accepting his undead status so that he could leave the premises. Tillie helped him by driving him out of the hotel in her K-Car. (Ebenezer: “God bless Chrysler!”)

Celeste went up to Cecil’s office. Cecil confronted her about her relationship with his father, and warned her that Bert would just wind up hurting her. Celeste was unconvinced (“If he’s a rotten bastard, then give me more of that!”).

Bert told Vladimir that he was closing the hotel. Vladimir tried to change Bert’s mind by putting on his sad-clown face and doing his mime-in-a-box routine. When that didn’t work, Vladimir told Bert that the Gregorio had something no other hotel does… “I see dead people!”

Dr. Weeds visited ShiShi before her big number. She resolved that she WOULD make Bert cry and save her job. (“You’re not the only one with diabolical plans, mister!”)

Celeste pondered Cecil’s warning. And pondered…and pondered…

Finally, the moment of truth came…ShiShi’s big, career-saving number…a powerful rendition of Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler.” It was a huge success, with the entire audience, even Dennis the vulture, joining in.

Cecil and Bert confronted each other in the office. Cecil was angry that Bert was taking away the Gregorio, Cecil’s only opportunity to make his own way in life. Bert was adamant about closing it, explaining “You served a purpose. That purpose is over.” Bert and Cecil both drew guns on each other.


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