Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Season 3, Episode 1: Welcome to the Gregorio

SCANDAL! Season 3


Chris Blair as Cecil Capone
Jed Broitman as Tillie Feinstein
Sean Daniels as Dr. Weeds
George Faughnan as Mad Dog Maddox
Z Gillispie as Bert Capone
Kendra Myers as ShiShi LaRue
Leslie Sharp as Celeste Stanford Fontaine
Matt Stanton as Vladimir Sonovavich
Lucky Yates as Ebenezer Weatherbottom

Episode 1: Welcome to the Gregorio

Hotel owner Bert Capone brought his son Cecil to the Gregorio Hotel and informed him he'd be taking over from the former manager "Shaky," who had "gone away" on a "fishing trip."

Cecil accidentally locked himself in the linen closet and was let out by Celeste, the maid. He was surprised to discover that she was blind, and asked how she could clean up the place if she couldn't see where it was dirty. However, she didn't reveal her secret.

Dr. Weeds, the hotel’s gardener, ran into lounge singer ShiShi LaRue and informed her of his plans to destroy the sun. He explained that his wife died after eating some bad weeds at the Olive Garden, and so he had sworn vengeance by wiping out the source of all weeds. ShiShi suggested that he try the fine line of Ortho products instead.

Bert Capone ran into his old friend Mad Dog Maddox, the bartender. Bert told Mad Dog that his son was taking over. Bert also asked Mad Dog about some rumors he'd heard about Cecil being gay. Mad Dog promised to keep an eye on Cecil.

Guest Tillie Feinstein was watching TV with the elderly Ebenezer Weatherbottom (the sole resident of the hotel’s 13th floor), who was amazed by the magical picture-box. Tillie tried to explain to Ebenezer that he was a ghost, and that the 13th floor didn't really exist, but he didn't believe her. She told Ebenezer that he reminded her of her 5th husband, Howard Hughes.

Vladimir Sonovavich, the hotel’s deskman/bellhop, told Celeste about his circus act back in Russia, and the time the dancing bear caught on fire.

Mad Dog and Cecil had a private meeting. They talked about Shaky's "fishing trip" and the need to keep Shaky's actual fate a secret—“Just like the secret we share between us,” Mad Dog said as he put an arm around Cecil's shoulder. Mad Dog then did his "Muffin Man" song-and-dance just like old times.

ShiShi met Dr. Weeds in the garden. ShiShi complimented him on the garden, and he explained that the secret was what he used for fertilizer. He offered ShiShi a drink, with a sinister offhand comment that she'd soon be feeling "very down-to-earth." ShiShi drank it and collapsed.


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