Monday, June 9, 2008

Season 3, Episode 3: Man Night

Episode 3: Man Night

Cecil and Vladimir discussed the murder of the Birdman (and his birds, who were turned into a plate of hot wings). Then Vladimir revealed he'd raised $25,000 for the hotel last night.

Dr. Weeds paid a visit to Tillie. They had a heart-to-heart talk, and she got him to show his softer side. He confided his real name (Steven Croup) and how he got his facial scar (he fell off the teacup ride at DisneyWorld). He also revealed that he'd recently seen a woman who looked exactly like his late wife--teen singing sensation Christina Aguilera.

It was "Man Night" at the bar, with Mad Dog pouring out the drinks for Weeds, Ebenezer, Cecil, and three guys from the audience who just took it upon themselves to get up on the stage. ShiShi came out and started singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

Afterwards, ShiShi was talking to Celeste. Celeste told ShiShi how she and Vladimir tried selling themselves on the street last night, and how, even though she didn't get any offers on her body, the important thing was that she was willing to make that sacrifice.

Ebenezer was sitting in the lounge, waiting for Mad Dog to bring him his prunes. Dr. Weeds pulled up a chair and sat down with him. Weeds told Ebenezer that he was the one who grew the prunes, and that he can keep the prunes coming if Eb would do him a couple of favors. First, he wanted Ebenezer to bring Vladimir out to the garden. Second, he wanted Ebenezer to use his spiritual powers to summon up the spirit of his old friend Jun Denver (the Japanese John Denver impersonator). Ebenezer agreed, and was soon channeling a heavily-accented version of "Annie's Song."

After Dr. Weeds had left, ShiShi stopped by the lounge and chatted with Ebenezer about her performance and her problems. Ebenezer told her: "I don't understand you,'re a lovely young woman, but you drink like a sailor, you curse like a DRESS like a sailor once he's crossed the equator..."

Dr. Weeds called the three guys from Man Night back up on stage. He told them he could use some assistance in his laboratory...some young, strong bodies to help with his experiments. Then he slit their throats.

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